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GB-993594-A: Improvements in or relating to dyestuffs comprising anthraquinonyl and azo dye moieties patent, GB-993725-A: Method of and apparatus for the continuous and automatically controlled production of a milk/fat/sugar solution patent, GB-993795-A: Fixed program memory system patent, GB-994498-A: Improvements in or relating to methods of producing high-embossed plastic foil articles patent, GB-995267-A: Improvements in and relating to hydraulic dampers patent, GB-995987-A: Improved method and apparatus for fastening anti-skid studs in tyres patent, GB-996127-A: Improvements in or relating to a toy flight simulator patent, GB-997147-A: Improvements in motor vehicle bodies patent, GB-997166-A: N-phenylpiperazine derivatives patent, GB-997433-A: Improved starting arrangement for single-phase induction motors patent, GB-997662-A: Improvements in or relating to inflators patent, GB-997744-A: Improvements in or relating to alarm systems patent, GB-999193-A: Electrodes and their production patent, GB-999682-A: Prophylactic screen for a telephone earpiece patent, GB-999745-A: Improvements in or relating to animal feeding racks and mangers patent, GB-999759-A: Apparatus for obtaining samples of liquid free from suspended solids patent, JP-2000001042-A: Manufacture of braille printed matter, and manufacturing members to be used therefor patent, JP-2000002107-A: 内燃機関のオイルパンのドレン構造 patent, JP-2000002492-A: Heat exchanger patent, JP-2000003038-A: Visible light-curable resin composition and its use patent, JP-2000003144-A: Display device patent, JP-2000003328-A: Address reference system for input/output control device patent, JP-2000003618-A: Tin-doped oxide indium powder and its manufacture patent, JP-2000003633-A: Membrane switch patent, JP-2000004340-A: Facsimile equipment patent, JP-2000004669-A: スポーツターフ床土構造 patent, JP-2000005190-A: 超音波治療装置 patent, JP-2000005260-A: Bath bag patent, JP-2000005807-A: Hot-run table to carry hot-rolled steel strip patent, JP-2000005960-A: マシニングセンタ patent, JP-2000005987-A: Hollow tube body inner face polishing device and its oxidation corrosion preventing processing method patent, JP-2000007084-A: Storage transportation container for preventing pollution patent, JP-2000008729-A: 引違いサッシ patent, JP-2000008809-A: 蒸気タービンの蒸気圧力制御方法及び制御装置 patent, JP-2000009100-A: ポンプ装置 patent, JP-2000010700-A: System for displaying sorted list patent, JP-2000010701-A: Operation menu setting method for graphical user interface patent, JP-2000012746-A: 半導体の封止成形方法 patent, JP-2000013272-A: 携帯型情報通信機器のアンテナ装置 patent, JP-2000013702-A: テレビジョン受像機 patent, JP-2000014298-A: Pouch for fishing patent, JP-2000014491-A: Water mattress patent, JP-2000015751-A: 積層体 patent, JP-2000016632-A: シート状物搬送装置 patent, JP-2000019621-A: カメラの磁気記録装置 patent, JP-2000020148-A: Source voltage control circuit patent, JP-2000021042-A: Magneto-optical recording and reproducing method and device patent, JP-2000021314-A: プラズマディスプレイ用部材 patent, JP-2000021449-A: Nonaqueous secondary battery patent, JP-2000021465-A: Electrical wire connecting compression sleeve patent, JP-2000021910-A: Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and manufacture of semiconductor device using the manufacturing apparatus patent, JP-2000022113-A: 半導体記憶装置 patent, JP-2000022355-A: 電気機器 patent, JP-2000022430-A: Antenna configuration method for mobile communication base station and the antenna system patent, JP-2000023599-A: Reel-engaging structure patent, JP-2000024421-A: 濾過装置 patent, JP-2000024452-A: 石膏スケールの除去方法 patent, JP-2000024475-A: Heat treatment patent, JP-2000024517-A: Catalyst for cleaning exhaust gas and its production patent, JP-2000025251-A: インクジェット記録装置 patent, JP-2000025931-A: バッファ装置 patent, JP-2000026549-A: Production of polyolefin-based graft copolymer patent, JP-2000026551-A: Core shell particle, and production and use of the same patent, JP-2000027404-A: Exterior wall structure of building patent, JP-2000027427-A: 円筒状構築物内の作業用足場 patent, JP-2000027434-A: コンクリート型枠締め付け用座金 patent, JP-2000027600-A: Ventilation system for road tunnel patent, JP-2000027694-A: Fuel injection control device for internal combustion engine patent, JP-2000027890-A: 多板クラッチ patent, JP-2000027919-A: 二段伸縮式油圧緩衝器 patent, JP-2000028825-A: 赤外線吸収フィルタ patent, JP-2000029803-A: Transfer/execution method and device for program in mobile object and storage medium storing transfer/ execution program of program in mobile object patent, JP-2000029926-A: Method and device for supporting solar power generation system designing and storage medium where same method is stored as program patent, JP-2000030169-A: 画像監視システム patent, JP-2000030374-A: 光記録媒体およびその使用方法 patent, JP-2000030782-A: 電気コネクタの接触端子 patent, JP-2000030904-A: Current limiting device using ptc thermistor element patent, JP-2000031558-A: 積層型圧電アクチュエータの製造方法 patent, JP-2000031956-A: Personal secret information shared communication method and system device patent, JP-2000032440-A: 動物体自動追尾装置 patent, JP-2000032613-A: Ev用電気接続箱内の電流センサ保護構造 patent, JP-2000032761-A: Power supply phase order decision unit for three-phase pwm converter patent, JP-2000034326-A: Siloxane copolymer and its production patent, JP-2000034392-A: エポキシ樹脂組成物 patent, JP-2000034547-A: Magnetic alloy and its production patent, JP-2000034669-A: タオル連続洗浄装置 patent, JP-2000035872-A: Job selecting method for using it in environment for printing for pre-press patent, JP-2000036426-A: Manufacture of shape-memory alloy coil patent, JP-2000036980-A: 移動局交換機の位置登録要求方法 patent, JP-2000037383-A: 超音波診断装置 patent, JP-2000038971-A: 容積式ポンプ patent, JP-2000039859-A: Front light type display device patent, JP-2000041076-A: Symbol clock reproducing circuit patent, JP-2000041772-A: Louvered structure patent, JP-2000042114-A: 呼び径を調節可能なバル―ン装置 patent, JP-2000042178-A: Game machine patent, JP-2000042398-A: Fixed delivery valve for powder patent, JP-2000042407-A: Sulfur compound adsorbent patent, JP-2000042861-A: テレスコピックカバー patent, JP-2000043164-A: 包装袋におけるシール部の脱気・通気孔の製法 patent, patent, 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