Improvements in and relating to hydraulic dampers


995,267. Hydraulic dampers. ARMSTRONG PATENTS CO. Ltd. Nov. 18, 1963 [Nov. 24, 1962], No. 44532/62. Addition to 947,336. Heading F2S. In an improvement of the hydraulic damper of the parent Specification the closed hydraulic chamber is bounded partly by a cylindrical wall and partly by a non-cylindrical wall the axial parallel edges of the walls merging into each other. Passage means is also provided in the spindle or body member for hydraulically connecting the chambers formed one on each side of the vane. In the construction shown fluid flow restricting means in the passage means comprises two co-operating spring- loaded valve members 50, 54, the former controlling fluid flow past a valve seat 48 and the latter fluid flow through a passage in the member 50. A pair of spring-loaded one-way valves may be mounted in the valve plate 42 such that fluid may flow from the reservoir to the hydraulic chamber (Figs. 3, 4, not shown). The spindle at its upper end is supported by a bearing sleeve 22 in a part cylindrical recess 20 in the non-cylindrical wall.




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