Improved method and apparatus for fastening anti-skid studs in tyres


995,987. Making studded tyre covers. STORA KOPPARBERGS BERGSLAGS A.B., and SANDVIKENS JERNVERKS A.B. Dec. 17, 1963 [Dec. 22, 1962], No. 49795/63. Heading B7C. A method of inserting an anti-skid stud into a predrilled hole in a tyre tread comprises the steps of inserting jaw fingers 17 into the hole, spreading apart the fingers to expand the hole, positioning the stud between the fingers in the hole, and retracting the fingers from the hole to leave the stud therein. The fingers, which are urged together by an elastic ring 28a, are radially displaced by axial movement of a plunger 22 whose action may be supplemented by rotation relative to a chuck head 24 of cams 26 integral with a sleeve 25. Retraction of the plunger uncovers a feeder channel 21 in the sleeve 25 communicating with a revolver magazine 30 having axial pockets 35 from which studs are fed one by one by rotating relative to the sleeve the head 24 and thus also the magazine, which is connected thereto by a handle 29 and spring latch and ratchet 37, 38. A stop 36 prevents studs above the bottom one from entering the channel 21. The fingers are detachable by removing the ring 28a. Relative rotation between the plunger and sleeve is prevented by a pin 33 secured to the plunger and slidable in an axial slot 32 in the sleeve.




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