Improvements in or relating to a toy flight simulator

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Deluxe Reading Corp
  • Publication Date: June 23, 1965
  • Publication Number: GB-996127-A


996,127. Amusement apparatus. DELUXE READING CORPORATION. Oct. 29, 1962 [Dec. 18, 1961], No. 40879/62. Heading A6M. Apparatus designed to give the operator the impression of air travel, comprises a housing provided at one side with a translucent viewing screen and containing a point source of light spaced from the screen and located inside a rotatable cylinder whose curved surface is in the form of a transparency bearing pictorial matter and lies closest to the screen in the vicinity of the upper edge of the latter. Thus the image seen expands progressively as it moves downwards past the screen, and creates an impression of travelling forwards. As illustrated in Fig. 2, the apparatus is largely identical with that disclosed in Specification 996,128, with the exceptions that the endless band disclosed in said Application is replaced by a cylinder as above, motor-driven to rotate about its horizontal axis, and the source of light 14 is arranged inside the cylinder and mounted for horizontal adjustment towards and away from the curved surface of the cylinder to give an impression of diving or climbing respectively. In the embodiment illustrated in Fig. 11, the linkage between the silhouette 42 and the shaft 44 supporting its control handle is modified to actuate means for indicating the correct positioning of the silhouette relative to targets on the cylinder 40. To this end, a collar 45 attached to the cylinder is provided with buttons 46 whose positions are co-ordinated with those of the targets. The buttons 46 are also arranged to move the flexible contact 48 of a pair of contacts 47, 48 included in a circuit to a lamp 54 or other signalling device, the arm 49 carrying the contacts being connected to the arm carrying the silhouette so that the contacts 47, 48 register with a button 46 when the silhouette 42 registers with a target.




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