Improvements in motor vehicle bodies

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Panhard & Levassor
  • Publication Date: July 07, 1965
  • Publication Number: GB-997147-A


997,147. Vehicle bodies. ANCIENS ESTABLISSEMENTS PANHARD ET LEVASSOR S.A. July 17, 1963 [July 17, 1962], No. 28307/63. Addition to 941,164. Heading B7B. A combined frame and body having longitudinals 2, a floor 1 and a forward extension 4 connected by members 5, 6 as in the parent Specification is characterized in that the joint between the members 4 and 6 is of the tongue and groove type. As shown in Fig. 2, a rigid member 22 is welded at 23 to the member 4 and has a groove M corresponding with the tongue T welded to the sheet metal part 17 forming part of the member 6. The retaining bolt 29 passes through the stiffener 24 and the tongue T to screw into the member 22. The surfacing plate 36 may be omitted and the tongue T formed integrally with the member 24.




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