Improved starting arrangement for single-phase induction motors


997,433. Control of A.C. motors; electromagnetic relays. LICENTIA PATENTVERWALTUNGS-G.m.b.H. Nov. 24, 1961, No. 42143/61. Headings H2B and H2J. A starting arrangement for a single phase induction motor having a main winding Ha and an auxiliary starting winding Hi comprises a series circuit formed by the winding Hi, a capacitor KB and a relay coil R and connected in parallel with the winding Ha, a second capacitor KA and contacts RK in series therewith being arranged in parallel with the capacitor KB and coil R. The contacts RK open when a predetermined minimum value of current passes through the coil R. The relay comprises a two-part housing 5 and L-shaped stationary contacts 6, 7 bridged by a moving contact 9, the contacts opening when a coil 8 is energized. Contact pressure is exerted by the weight of an armature 10 through a compression spring 11, the armature sliding along a sleeve 12 held on a centre pin 13. The ratio between the current values at which the contacts are opened and closed can be set by adjusting the position of a ferromagnetic core carried on the pin 13. When coil 8 is energized and armature 10 is initially attracted contact 9 is held in the closed position, while spring 11 expands, until the top of the armature hits a flange at the upper end of sleeve 12. The contact 9 is then lifted off the contacts 6, 7 by a flange at the lower end of the sleeve 12.




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