Prophylactic screen for a telephone earpiece


999,682. Sanitary and hygienic devices. G. B. VISCARDI. Sept. 27, 1963 [Sept. 27, 1962], No. 38192/63. Heading H4J. A prophylactic screen for a telephone earpiece comprises a leaf of flexible synthetic plastics material which when rubbed develops a static charge and may thereby be adhered to the telephone earpiece. The leaf is of thickness up to about 200 microns and slightly exceeds in size the size of a front wall of the earpiece. It comprises a central zone and a peripheral zone surrounding the central zone. A frame is fixed to the surface of the leaf between the central and peripheral zones so that the frame circumscribes the central zone and keeps it stretched to form an acoustic diaphragm. The peripheral zone of the leaf remains flexible and can be adhered to a peripheral portion of the front wall of the earpiece. The leaf may be of polyvinyl resin, polyacrylic resin or polyethylene but is preferably of bi-axial1y oriented polypropylene film. The frame may consist of a planar ring of kraft paper, plastics coated paper or thermoplastic sheet material. The frame may be integral with the leaf. A disc 10 (Fig. 1) of polypropylene film has affixed to one face a paper annulus 11 which keeps taut a central zone 10A while leaving free a margin 10B. When the disc 10 is electrostatically charged and applied to the front of the earpiece the margin 10B adheres to the earpiece while the central zone 10A is located opposite sound apertures of the earpiece. A square leaf 110 (Fig. 3) has an annular reinforcing layer 111 integral with the leaf.




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