Improvements in or relating to animal feeding racks and mangers


999,745. Animal feeding appliances. OVER TIMBER CO. (FAWSLEY) Ltd., and F. H. OVER. July 14, 1964 [July 26, 1963], No. 29734/63. Heading A1M. An animal feed rack and manger comprises a frame 1, including two end walls 5 and a roof 3, enclosing a V-shaped rack 6 pivoted at its apex 7 to the end walls so that it can be pivoted between a closed feeding position and an open position shown chain-dotted in which it can be filled with foodstuff. The rack is locked in the closed position by a catch 12 and is divided into two compartments by a central transverse member. The pivots 7 may be provided one at each end of the rack or comprise the ends of a rod extending the length of the apex of the rack. Handles may be provided by extensions of the ribs 4 of the frame.




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