Manufacture of braille printed matter, and manufacturing members to be used therefor



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make a mass-production of braille documents possible in a short period of time, and at the same time, surely prevent a printing paper especially when the paper thickness is thin from being broken. SOLUTION: For this manufacturing method of a braille printed matter, a metal plate 11 which becomes an intaglio plate, and a resin plate 14 which becomes a letterpress plate are made based on a film which becomes an original plate of a braille document, and a printing medium is pinched between the intaglio plate metal plate and the letterpress plate resin plate, and is pressed. Also, the width dimension of a recessed groove 12 which is formed on the metal plate 11 is set to be larger than the width dimension of a protruding part 15 which is formed on the resin plate 14, and also, to be smaller in steps and proportionally as the thickness of a printing wall body becomes thinner. Also, manufacturing members to be used for the manufacturing method for the braille printed matter are the metal plate 11 and the resin plate 14 for braille printing, which form a pair of sets, and the depth dimension of the recessed groove 12 which is formed on the metal plate 11 is made shorter by a rate of approx. 60-75% than the height dimension of the protruding part 15 being formed on the resin plate 14 which forms the set.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 点字文書を短時間で大量生産可能とするとと もに、とくに紙厚が薄い場合の用紙破損を確実に防止す る。 【解決手段】 点字文書の原版となるフィルムに基づい て、凹版となる金属板と、凸版となる樹脂板を作成し、 凹版金属板と凸版樹脂板との間に印刷媒体を挟んで加圧 する。また金属板に形成する凹溝の幅寸法は、前記樹脂 板に形成する凸部の幅寸法よりも大きく、かつ印刷塀体 の肉厚が薄くなるほど段階的かつ比例的に小さく設定す る。さらに当該点字印刷物の製造方法に用いる製造部材 は、一対の組をなす点字印刷用の金属板と樹脂板であっ て、金属板に成形される凹溝の深さ寸法は、組をなす樹 脂板に形成される凸部の高さ寸法より約60〜75%の 割合で短いことを特徴とする場合がある。




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