Membrane switch



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To firmly adhere a rubber cap to an upper electrode sheet to prevent the peeling of the rubber cap from the upper electrode sheet by the repeated elastic deformation of the rubber cap by forming a coating film on the surface of the upper electrode sheet, and adhering the rubber cap onto this film. SOLUTION: A black opaque coating film 4 is formed on the surface 2b of an upper electrode sheet 2 to prevent the reflected light by a circuit pattern formed on upper and lower electrode sheets 1, 2. The coating film 4 is formed in an area 4a by dissolving an epoxy or alkyd coating material with a solvent and mixing a black pigment thereto followed by printing or the like. A rubber cap 5 having a ring-like mounting part 5d on the lower circumferential part is put on the non-forming area 4b of the coating film 4, and the mounting part 5d is adhered to the coating film 4 of the coating film-forming area 4a through an adhesive 6. In this structure, a key top mounted on the protruding part 5b of the rubber cap 5 is pressed to allow contacts 1a, 2b to connect each other. COPYRIGHT: (C)2000,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 ラバーキャップと上部電極シートとの接着性 をよくしたメンブレンスイッチを提供することを目的と する。 【解決手段】 本発明のメンブレンスイッチは、上部電 極シート2の表面2bにコーティング膜4を形成し、こ のコーティング膜4の上からラバーキャップ4を接着す るようにした。




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