Bath bag



(57)【要約】 【目的】入浴に関するもので、特にポリエチレン等の薄 い袋と1〜2割程度の湯量で、通常の入浴と同様の感触 を味わおうというものである。 【構成】少なくとも首迄覆う長さと、腕を曲げて体の表 面近くでの手の動作が出来る広さを持つ幅とからなる防 水性の袋を、伸びの少ない入浴カバー、又は湯を張った 浴槽の中に入れ、さらに20〜30リットル前後の適当 量の湯又は薬用湯をその袋の中に入れ、その中で入浴し た。袋には、開口部に牽引フードや、側面に内部へ手を 入れるための凹部を設けたり、材質をメタロセン触媒に よるポリエチレンフィルムとした。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To save hot water amount, make it easy to take off and put on clothes and to settle it, bath comfortably and produce easily by putting a polyethylene bag, which has a length of the neck position long of bather and a width of being movable with his air bending, into a bath cover or a bathtub filled with hot water, pouring suitable amount of hot water into the bag, and putting a body into the bag. SOLUTION: A bath bag 1 is formed to be rectangle shape, which has a length of the neck position long of a bather 2 and a width to be an inside volume of almost being able to do hand patting action on the surface of body with his arm bending, with polyethylene. Giving a patient 2 a bath on a mattress 3, the patient 2 is covered with the bath bag 1, the edge of the bath cover 4, which is spread under him, is pulled up and a zipper 5 is fastened on the condition that his face or head appears. Thus the body except head part is covered and a pulling hood 7 is put on the head part and it is poured hot water from an opening part 6 to the bath bag 1. The patient care person puts in his hand from a hole 10 of bath cover 4 to wash a patient 2. With this construction, it is possible for the patient 2 to be immersed in hot water comfortably and part his body and for the patient care person to wash the patient 2. COPYRIGHT: (C)2000,JPO




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