Hollow tube body inner face polishing device and its oxidation corrosion preventing processing method



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To easily polish and remove an oxidation corrosion portion generated on an existing hollow tube body inner face by connecting a hollow shaft and a compressed air pipe to jet the dust generated when the inner face is polished by a burnisher toward a hollow tube body upper opening hole. SOLUTION: A hollow tube body 1 penetrates an anchor 21 near an opened base end section and is buried and fixed by concrete 22, and a burnisher 2 provided at the tip section of a hollow rotary shaft 3 held by shaft guides 4 in the hollow tube body 1 is rotated and vertically slid by a drive device 7 to peel the dust stuck to the inner face of the hollow tube body 1. The burnisher 2 is operated while compressed air is jetted from a compressed air pipe 10 connected to the hollow rotary shaft 3 at the upper end section of the hollow tube body 1, and the peeled oxides are discharged to the outside from an upper end opening hole for polish cleaning. The drive device 7 is connected and held to the hollow tube body 1 by connecting metals 8 and is connected to the hollow rotary shaft 3 by a holding lever 9. COPYRIGHT: (C)2000,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 上下端部が開口状態で埋設固定された中空管 体の内面研磨装置とその内面酸化防食加工法、並びに埋 設施工前に工場内等で行う中空管体内面酸化防食加工法 を提供する。 【解決手段】 先端に研磨具を止着し軸ガイドを嵌着し た中空回転軸と電動機を有する駆動機及び圧縮空気管と を備えた中空管体内面研磨装置、並びに埋設固定され内 面研磨した中空管体内面に難燃性防錆剤を吹き付けしコ ーティング後上端部を閉鎖密封する腐食防止方法、及び 埋設施工前に中空管体内面を酸化防食加工する方法に於 て、中空管体の両端を閉鎖する蓋と内面にコーティング する難燃性防錆剤とで閉鎖密閉する方法、並びに両端部 を閉蓋し不燃性防錆剤をコーティング時気化(ガス化) して生じる上昇圧で密閉不良部に難燃性防錆剤を圧入し 密封する方法。




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