Exterior wall structure of building



(57)【要約】 【課題】 建物の既存外壁に新たな外壁パネルを貼り付 けてなる外壁構造において、ドア周りの意匠性及び施工 性の向上を図る。 【解決手段】 既存外壁(1)のドア周辺部分に貼り付け るドアサイド外壁パネル(3)のサイディング材(4)をL 字形に屈曲させるとともに、そのドア側端部によって断 熱材(5)の端面を覆うとともに、既存外壁(1)の表面と ドア面(24)との間のドアサイド段差面(22)をも覆うよう にする。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enhance the design and constructibility of portions around a door in an exterior wall structure comprising new exterior wall panels affixed to the existing exterior wall of a building. SOLUTION: The siding board 4 of a door side exterior wall panel 3 affixed to the portion of an existing exterior wall around a door is bent in the form of L and the end face of a heat insulating material 5 is covered with the door side end thereof. A door side stepped surface 22 between the surface of the existing exterior wall 1 and a door surface 24 is also covered therewith. COPYRIGHT: (C)2000,JPO




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