Fuel injection control device for internal combustion engine



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To always adequately control fuel injection using a parameter as new as possible, by selecting either this-time value or previous-time value of fuel injection parameter calculated based on a given condition and controlling the fuel injection based on the selected value. SOLUTION: During engine operation, an ECU 80 reads output values from various sensors, and derives a base fuel injection amount from a map using an detected engine rotation speed and absolute pressure in an intake pipe. An fuel injection amount is calculated by correcting this base fuel injection amount with a detected water temperature and oxygen concentration, and then an ignition time is calculated based on the operation state. When fuel injection is not performed, the fuel injection is controlled based on a this-time value of the calculated fuel injection parameter. A parameter forced update stage is set during one cycle, and the fuel injection is controlled based on the this-time value of the calculated fuel injection parameter at the stage. COPYRIGHT: (C)2000,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 直接噴射ガソリン機関において、燃料噴射運 転域が均一燃焼(予混合)から超希薄燃焼(成層燃焼。 DISC)に、あるいははその逆に切り替えられたとき も、可能な限り最新のパラメータを使用して燃料噴射お よび点火時期を適正に制御する。 【解決手段】 燃料噴射時期を算出するとき、現在噴射 中か噴射終了か否か判断して噴射パラメータを更新すべ きか否か決定する。また、1サイクルに一度、強制的に パラメータを更新させる。




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