Method and device for supporting solar power generation system designing and storage medium where same method is stored as program



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To shorten an operation time and to facilitate arrangement without electrical knowledge by calculating arrangement information on a solar battery module with solar battery module information, arrangement object information, and information obtained from arrangement conditions and outputting the calculated information. SOLUTION: An arrangement object information acquiring means 602 obtains information on the external size of a surface where the solar battery module is arranged, an area where it can be arranged, etc. In an arrangement condition acquiring process 603, information on a way of arranging the solar battery module on the arrangement object surface, an arrangement start point, a module interval, a shifting quantity between arrays, a method for arraying from a reference, and the names of modules which are arranged, etc., is obtained. In an arrangement information calculating process 604, an arrangement position is calculated by arrangement algorithm calculated previously according to information and conditions obtained by a solar battery module information acquiring process, an arrangement object information acquiring process, and an arrangement condition acquiring process. In an arrangement information output process 605, the calculated information is outputted to a printer, a display device or a storage device, etc.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 太陽電池モジュール、特に屋根材一体型太陽 電池モジュールにおいて、配置対象面上に太陽電池の配 置位置および、電気接続を算出する。 【解決手段】 少なくとも該太陽電池モジュールを太陽 電池モジュール群に分類し、該太陽電池モジュール群毎 に定められた規則に従い、該太陽電池モジュールの配置 位置を算出し、該太陽電池モジュール毎に該太陽電池モ ジュール群を配置する位置を算出する。また、太陽電池 モジュールの形態を表わす情報と、該太陽電池モジュー ルの配置対象となる面の形態を表わす情報と、太陽電池 の配置条件を表わす情報を取得し、取得した情報に基づ いて、配置対象の領域内に太陽電池モジュールを配置す るための配置情報を算出し、該配置情報算出手段で算出 された配置情報を出力する。




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