Current limiting device using ptc thermistor element



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent the short-circuiting between electrodes due to a short- circuit current and a conductive gas and, at the same time, to prevent the imperfect contact between a PTC thermistor element and electrodes due to the thinning of the thermistor element by the short-circuit current. SOLUTION: In a current limiting device provided with a PTC thermistor element 1, a pair of electrodes 2 and 3 which are respectively brought into contact with the two parallel flat surfaces of the element 1, and a pair of pressing members 4 and 5 which always press the electrodes 2 and 3 against the element 1 with prescribed pressures, an insulating frame 10 which is made of an elastic insulating material and arranged in such a way that the frame 10 covers the end faces of the element 1 and is held between the pressing members 4 and 5 is provided. In addition, exhaust openings respectively communicated with the upper and lower surfaces of the element 1 are formed in different directions through the frame 10.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 短絡電流による導電性ガスによる電極間の短 絡を防ぐとともに、短絡電流によるPTCサーミスタ素 子の痩せ細りによるPTCサーミスタ素子と電極の接触 不良を防止する。 【解決手段】 PTCサーミスタ素子1と、このPTC サーミスタ素子の2つの平行な平面にそれぞれ接触する 一対の電極2、3と、この電極をPTCサーミスタ素子 1に常に所定の圧力で押圧する一対の押圧部材4、5と を備えたものにおいて、弾力性に富んだ絶縁材料で構成 され、PTCサーミスタ素子1の端面周囲を覆い、押圧 部材4、5間に挟まれるように配置された絶縁枠10を 備え、この絶縁枠にはPTCサーミスタ素子1の上面に 通じる排気口とPTCサーミスタ素子1の下面に通じる 排気口とをそれぞれ形成し、上面に通じる排気口と下面 に通じる排気口を異なる方向に配置したものである。




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